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AHH Workshop Series:

Exploring Organizational Wellness, from Planning to Policy

Goal: Hold 4 monthly workshops between Feb-May 2018 for approximately 15-20 organizations to further our mission and promote our current menu of initiatives.  To reach this goal, each AHH Coalition Member commits to recruiting at least two organizational recruits." />

  • Snack Policy/Guidelines
  • Healthy Fundraising
  • Healthy Hosting
  • Park Farther/Walk More
  • Local Fare/Lighter Fare
  • Breastfeeding Friendly Environments
  • Worksite Wellness
  • Nourish Your Neighbor

Workshop 1: Improving Your Facilitation Skills

  • Getting started: defining wellness for your group
  • Internal facilitation versus external facilitation (working with others)
  • Creating an action plan
  • Identifying and sharing resources
  • Speaker 1: Michelle Graham, YMCA: Strengthening your facilitation skills
  • Speaker 2: Kevin Contino, FDRHPO: Measuring your success: data collection and evaluation
  • Fitness Break: Jamie Wood, Owner Page Fitness

Workshop 2: Using Marketing and Social Media to Promote Wellness

  • Identifying the best social media platform(s) to reach your target audience
  • Tips for writing effective press releases
  • Interview dos and don’ts
  • How to stretch your marketing budget
  • Speakers 1: Faith Lustik and Lisa Bast: JCPH: Using social media to promote wellness messaging
  • Speaker 2: Alexa Bennett, Northern Credit Union: Marketing 101
  • Speaker 3: Eli Anderson, FDRHPO: Writing an effective press release to promote your program
  • Speaker 4: Angela Nasworthy, PIVOT: Identifying the best social media platform to reach your target audiences
  • Fitness Break: Jean Tabolt, PIVOT and Satyana Yoga

Workshop 3: How Wellness Initiatives Can Improve Employee satisfaction

  • Working with your HR department to identify employee benefits
  • Rewarding successes
  • Developing your worksite wellness toolkit
  • Speaker 1: HR rep, Northern Credit Union: Creating a worksite conducive to wellness
  • Speaker 2/Fitness Break: Dan Myers, Double Play Community Center, Lowville, NY
  • Speaker 3: Kelly Flanagan-Hall, PIVOT Employee Assistance Program coordinator: Staying mindful at work

Workshop 4: Creating a Comprehensive Wellness Policy

  • Creating buy-in
  • Sustaining the policy
  • Speaker 1: April Bennett, CCE: Turning wellness practices into policy
  • Speaker 2: Danielle Cicero, CLC, WIC Breastfeeding Coordinator: Creating a breastfeeding policy for your workplace that addresses the needs of both employees and clients/community​
  • Fitness Break: Stephanie Graf, CCE and Satyana Yoga

Listen to our interview with April Bennett: 

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