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Each year since 1946, Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) has sent out their Mobile Meat Cannery. This cannery is used to preserve hundreds of thousands of cans of meat for communities in need across the globe, providing important nutrients when meat is hard to purchase.

A single can of meat can feed a family of five for a day! The MCC crew, "The Canner Boys", work alongside local canning committees and 30,000 volunteers to can turkey, beef, chicken or pork throughout the season and produces some 1 million pounds of canned meat.

On April 12th & 13th the Mobile Meat Cannery will be hosted right here in LEWIS COUNTY at Maple Ridge Center in Lowville and we need your help to make it successful! Over two days we will can 14,000 lbs of meat. 1,400 lbs of meat will stay local to distribute throughout our community.

Volunteers are needed for the weekend to cut meat, pack cans, attach labels, box filled cans, and stack the filled boxes. But most of all to just have fun providing global relief from our backyard! Lunch will be available at the site or you may bring your own. There will also be a food drive for the local food pantry and in the house at Maple Ridge Center will be a quilt tying bee for quilts to be distributed through MCC.

It does cost $35,000 to support the cannery. This amount pays for all of the meat (again,14,000 lbs of meat) that is processed, supplies, and provides facilities to the crew. We would love local business owners and residents who are able to invest in our community. If you can help financially, you can send a check to Maple Ridge Center, 7421 East Road, Lowville, NY 13367. A donation receipt can be provided for your records. People can also go to the Maple Ridge Center website and there is a donate button. Remember every bit helps!

For more information about the canner and other things that Maple Ridge Center has to offer, please check out the website at

We believe the North Country has the people and resources to make this happen. Join us today to make a difference!

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Lowville, NY 13367

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