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Administrators from Section III Athletics and high school game officials are butting heads over a new contract for the 2018 season.

According to the latest reports from WKTV, the two sides were at a disagreement for a proposal to switch pay methods, which would provide a flat $100 payment, compensating all game officials equally, rather than $85 plus a mileage reimbursement for one of every two officials in a pair.

“It sounds to me like the issue about the mileage and the fee has been resolved and they accepted the proposal,” said Jim Magnarelli, the spokesperson for the officials. “The one thing that is contentious at this time was there were some demands made by the football officials. They were asking to get an extra official which 95% of the schools are already agreed to in previous years so quite frankly officials are not asking for very much.”

Officials say both sides are trying to reach a compromise before the fall sports season gets underway.

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