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Here, kitty kitty! No matter what town or village you may come from, it's very likely your area, or somewhere nearby, is home to a colony or multiple colonies of cats.

While there are some local residents around the North Country who invest time into feeding and providing hand-made shelters for these cats, officials say feral cats will generally avoid human contact at all costs. "By definition, a feral cat is a cat that was born out in the wild and has never had contact with human beings," said Erin Brown, who is a local animal enthusiast and volunteer. "That is a problem in many communities across the state."

According to Brown, the best and most efficient way of controlling local cat colonies is to simply trap, neuter/spay and release. However, a trip to the veterinary office isn't cheap and when you have groups of cats that can total up to fifty and sometimes more that roam near abandoned properties, officials say the costs to properly fix those cats would be very, very expensive.

Fortunately, that's where Spay-Neuter-Now, a North Country organization that provides convenient resources and access to fixing cats and dogs, is here to help. "So, we're based out of Hammond, NY. It's up on the border of St. Lawrence and Jefferson Counties, but our programs actually operate throughout St. Lawrence, Jefferson and Lewis Counties," said Kevin Mace, General Manager of Spay-Neuter-now, who also mentioned their mobile clinics are available to communities outside those areas. "Our mobile clinic is a custom built twenty-seven-foot RV with a surgery suite inside and we go to most locations throughout the area."

Locally, the Spay-Neuter-Now mobile clinic will be visiting Glenfield, NY on Thursday, June 27. For more information on Spay-Neuter-Now (website hyperlinked above), be sure to call: 315-489-0541, or 315-486-0094. Be sure to listen over the next few weeks for more information on trapping, fixing and releasing feral cats.

Catch our whole interview with Kevin Mace and the first segment of our discussion with Erin Brown:


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