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Tractor Supply

Oneida County, NY- It’s official! A Tractor Supply store is set to come to Boonville.

Earlier this month, the locally famous Great American Grocery Store closed its doors for good, due to what the owners said was an ongoing struggle to keep up with rising costs of pensions, healthcare and a mandatory minimum wage hike for the state of New York.

With the gloom of another business lost, Mayor Eric McIntyre says there’s no room for an empty building in the heart of downtown. “Anything that is going to draw people to Main Street,” he said. “You’re getting customer base there. If they see a shop across the street or up the street that’s offering clothing, whatever it may be, it’s going to draw people to main street and it may entice new business.”

As the fate of Great American was approaching only weeks ago and even after its official closure, there were rumors going around on what would occupy the familiar downtown landmark. One of these rumors included an Aldi Grocery Store, which the Mayor says has truth to it. “We spoke with Aldis, I believe ShopRite and another chain as well. They’ve done the surveys and the base and we do not have their demographics,” he said.

When asked about an approximate opening date, the mayor said he doesn’t have an exact time frame. However, officials from Tractor Supply issued comments that claim the establishment will be open later this fall. “The store will provide about 15 new jobs to the Boonville area, with at least half of those being full-time positions,” the statement reads.

Officials from Tractor Supply say the new Boonville location in among 80 others that have and will open this year.

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