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BOONVILLE- A local family is teaming up with Adirondack Central School and the local community once again to give one lucky child a life-time fishing license.

"We presented the idea to the school and they were kind of surprised, they didn't know exactly if it was going to be successful," Michelle Arce said. She and her husband, Ryan, a U.S. Veteran, began this initiative three years ago, with aims of keeping the traditions of local fishing alive. "The first year we were able to do three. Between the kids, us and local businesses selling tickets, we were able to give away three lifetime fishing licenses."

For the first two years, Mr. Arce said they were able to sell enough tickets to give away five lifetime fishing licenses. The rules imply that any Adirondack Elementary student (Pre-K through grade 5) is eligible to win.

These tickets, otherwise known as "bobbers", were sent home to be sold with all district elementary kids when this year's Christmas break began. Tickets may be purchased through February 13 and the drawing will be held Friday, February 14.

"We figured at one dollar per-bobber, any child should be given an opportunity," Mr. Arce said. "With my wife and I putting up the first fifty-percent of the capital, we figured with the amount of children in the ACS district, if each child was able to sell one, we would be able to cover the second-half of the cost."

Mr. Arce clarified that if you don't know any ACS elementary students and families, but would still like to purchase a ticket, you can write "RANDOM CHILD" on the bobber. Arce said that if a random child ticket is drawn, the next child drawn will be the official winner.

For more on how to purchase a bobber, contact the Adirondack Central School District Office at 315:376-9200. Be sure to listen to our featured interview with Mr. and Mrs. Arce here:


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