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LEWIS COUNTY- Following a tremendous turnout earlier this month for a Second Amendment Sanctuary proposal presentation to the Board of Legislators, lawmakers have taken a serious look at the wording of this ordinance and have found some concerns that could very well put several county officials at risk of their careers.

"It's a little bit of a complicated issue," District Four Legislator Ian Gilbert said. "The particular ordinance that was put forward would actually impose a penalty on them (elected and appointed officials). So, they could be prosecuted for enforcing certain aspects of New York State's gun laws."

Gilbert added how that although one's oath to the U.S. Constitution comes first, there are certain gun restrictions in New York, such as licensing, which have never been held by the courts to be unconstitutional.

Listen to his full on-air interview here for a more in-depth look:

Chairman of Legislators Lawrence Dolhof says out of all the meetings he has attended, he has never witnessed a more packed crowd than the one on February 4, when the ordinance was presented to lawmakers.

"We could have a budget meeting and pass a $54 million budget and maybe six people will show up, but when we talk about gun rights we had over 300 there," he said. "I am glad to see constituents who come to meetings and relay their thoughts and what their issues are."

Lawmakers will meet beginning at 1:00 p.m. February 18 for committee meetings. 

There are some mixed feelings with this ordinance among the public, despite its overwhelming support. However, District Two Legislator Randy Lachausse says there is one thing that residents state wide have had enough of.

"We don't get included with having questions asked about how laws will effect us that get put through," he said. "Not only just for firearms and gun control, but many other issues. You know, these decisions are made without any thought or any questions for people who have to abide by or enforce these laws. It's very frustrating. People have had enough." 

Listen to our featured on-air comments from Mr. Dolhof and Mr. Lachausse here:


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