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Boonville announces return of Fourth of July fireworks and concert in Erwin Park

Published on June 17, 2022

Boonville Fire Works 1

BOONVILLE- It’s been two-years without a Fourth of July concert and fireworks show in Boonville’s Erwin Park, but officials are thrilled to announce this year that the beloved tradition is returning.

In 2020, COVID cramped our summer fun and there were no mass gatherings at all. Last-year, several events resumed, including our county fairs.

However, some held back because the horizon with COVID was too uncertain and by the time the most restrictive health guidelines were removed, organizers for events that did not take place cited not enough time to plan them properly.

These scenarios were exactly why Boonville did not have their concert and fireworks last-year, but village officials are very excited to confirm the beloved local tradition is returning for 2022.

Aimed for Friday, July 1, officials say this year’s band performance will include the popular local group – ‘Broken Rule.’

The concert will last through the evening, with a fireworks show to cap off the night at dark. Families are encouraged to bring their own lawn chairs.

Food vendors have become a popular trend for this event in recent years and village officials are inviting any local food vendors or trucks who wish to attend to contact the village office and obtain a permit: 315-338-2880 (EXT. 4).

We'll release another update when and if more details develop from the village office.

Image by Brian Trainor: A giant crowd floods renowned Erwin Park in 2019 - a night that turned out to be one of the largest crowd draws in the history of Boonville's Fourth of July fireworks.

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