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COVID 19 1

Lewis County confirmed 10 new positive cases Monday, the public health office announced.

Per the latest reports, 7 people are currently hospitalized with virus related complications.

Since testing began in March, the county has accumulated 339 total positives, including 4 COVID-19 related deaths. To date, health officials report 65 known active cases.

View the latest COVID-19 stats from Lewis County Health System:

Lewis County COVID Stats DEC 1

Public health offices statewide and across the country are blitzed with keeping up with the contact tracing process.

This also includes our own Lewis County; a process that has now become so overwhelming for public health workers, other county employees, who have no titles related to public health, have been recruited to help ease the load.

“I typically do phone calls for an hour every day and that extends into the weekends. So we set aside an hour every weekend now to do that,” Kurtis Dicob told reporters from WWNY-TV.

Dicob works for Lewis County Office for the Aging. He explained his process of checking in with people who have contracted the virus on a daily basis.

He says you hear a mix of things, including people who are coping just fine and then sometimes you hear of people who are “literally in tears because of this virus,” he said.

In other COVID-19 area news:

113 new positives were rounded up in Oneida County Monday. According to health officials, the county’s virus-related death toll stands at 148.

Furthermore, there are 73 patients hospitalized with COVID-19 related complications.

Since testing began in March, the county has recorded 4,955 infections, which now include 1,583 known to be active.

Herkimer County witnessed 18 new infections Monday, according to authorities.

To date, there are 8 patients who are hospitalized with COVID-19 complications.

Since testing began in March, the county has witnessed 741 total positives, with 12 virus related fatalities.

Health officials report 244 known active cases.

Jefferson County confirmed 45 new cases Monday.

Health officials say there are 4 people hospitalized with virus related complications.

To date, the county has counted up 802 total infections and 5 COVID-19 related fatalities since testing began in March.

Officials reported 204 known active cases. 

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