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Interview: Sheriff Carpinelli talks ongoing struggle to recruit police, correction officers

Published on June 22, 2022

Sheriff Carpinelli

LOWVILLE- It's not just a problem at the national level, as recruiting police officers and correction staff members has become quite a challenge within the past couple of years.

At-least that's according to what one North Country law enforcement official says. "I can't blame one young person for not wanting to come to this job," Lewis County Sheriff Mike Carpinelli told us.

He blames the sharp decline of police recruits across the country and now here at home on anti-law enforcement rhetoric that has gained steam, especially since violence erupted in the wake of George Floyd's murder in 2020.

"I hope that there are a few people left in our country that still take pride, and the courage, the honor and set aside the politics part of it and come to this job in defense of their own people. Because this is what we need again."

According to the Sheriff, it used to be very common having 15, 20 or even over 25 recruits sign-up for each Lewis County civil service exam for police and or correction officer.

However, those numbers have tumbled over the last several months. Now, Carpinelli says most exams only have a half-dozen sign-ups.

"And the problem isn't just patrol, it's also in corrections." Sheriff Carpinelli said - remaining firm in his stance that the lack of police recruits is a direct result of anti-police rhetoric, often fueled by politicians and elected leaders.     

For anyone wishing to know more about upcoming civil service exams, be sure to visit Lewis County's website or call the Human Resources and Civil Service Department at 315-376-5349.  

Be sure to listen to our latest on-air interview with Sheriff Mike Carpinelli for more of his remarks:

Image by Brian Trainor. 

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