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Forest Rangers work with local agencies in rescuing stranded residents during weekend snow blitz

Published on November 23, 2022

Forest Ranegrs Snow Rescue November 2022 1

DIANA- New York State Forest Rangers worked with local agencies in Lewis County by rescuing people who were stranded or suffering medical events during the recent snow blitz.

At around 9:00 a.m. Sunday, emergency authorities were notified of a stranded pair in the town of Diana. According to the DEC, one of them was suffering a cardiac problem.

However, there was an even bigger problem – six feet of snow had accumulated the day/night before, presenting a daunting task for responders to reach the pair.

Fortunately, Long Pond Snowmobile Club was able to help pave the way with one of their snow grooming machines. A DEC tracked SUV followed and managed to reach the subject, who fortunately was in stable condition.

Forest Ranegrs Snow Rescue November 2022 2

They managed to get him into an ambulance from Lewis County Search & Rescue. His companion followed along to the hospital.

Forest Ranger Lieutenant Hogan and Rangers Benzel, Evans, and Hanno were among those who responded.

In addition, teams managed to rescue a separate person who was trapped in their hunting camp, which was located 4-miles from the nearest plowed road.

Images courtesy via the New York State DEC.

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