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LCHS announces new Emergency Department Nurse Manager

Published on August 04, 2022

LOWVILLE- Lewis County Health System has a new Emergency Department Nurse Manager.

Tracie Davoy, RN, is a 2007 graduate of Beaver River Central School. She earned her Associate Degree at Jefferson Community College in Watertown, NY.

Tracie joined the health system nursing team in April 2012 as a registered nurse in the Maternity Department. She also worked in the Medical-Surgical and Intensive Care and Emergency departments.

Starting in November 2021, she served as the Interim Maternity Nurse Manager.

Being the new Emergency Department Nurse Manager, Davoy is responsible for the daily operations of the Emergency Department, managing clinical nursing staff, and assessing and enhancing patient care and satisfaction.

She will also guide nursing practice, hiring and retention, budgeting, and quality improvement.

Image courtesy via LCHS.

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