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Non-profit organization wants donated van returned from Copenhagen Fire Department

Published on March 16, 2023

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LEWIS COUNTY- A non-profit organization is asking its van, which was donated to Copenhagen Fire Department, be returned.

This development is according to the latest from WWNY-TV. It’s reported that the Terry Farrell Firefighters Fund has reached out to Village Mayor Mark Souva, asking for its donated van be returned.

In an email sent to Mayor Souva, Brian Farrell, Chairman of the organization, points out an agreement where if the van is not being used for emergencies or if the fire department no longer needs it, it must be returned.

A state audit suggested there was financial trouble within the department. It was never reported that anyone took money, but rather inadequate documentation for certain payments.

The battle continues over who owns the department’s fire trucks, equipment and van – the village or the department.

The next court date is aimed for early April. 

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