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Applications for Safe Schools Endeavor now available for 2023-2024

Published on September 12, 2023

NNYCF Safe Schools Endeavor 2023

WATERTOWN- Applications for the Safe Schools Endeavor are now available for 2023-2024.

Since 2018, nearly $85,000 in grant funding has been awarded to 16 school districts across Jefferson & Lewis Counties to support 47 projects.

Public and private schools are welcome to apply (see brochure here). For more details, contact Erika Flint, steering committee chairwoman (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), or contact 315-782-7110.

School officials and representatives should complete applications no later than Friday, November 3.

In partnership with the Northern New York Community Foundation, grants are made possible thanks to the generous gifts of many individuals, businesses, and organizations in Jefferson and Lewis counties who support the Safe Schools Endeavor and its mission to help keep all children safe while they are at school.

Proposals can include student or parent programming, equipment, faculty and staff training, or anything else that an individual or group within the school community believes would enhance the overall safety of the school and its members.

For the 2022-2023 school year, 12 projects were awarded grant funding totaling nearly $25,000. Schools and projects receiving support were:

  • Adirondack Central School District, to develop a therapy dog program for each of its four buildings.
  • Beaver River Central School District, to purchase radios for emergency communications for a new School Resource Officer.
  • Copenhagen High School, to support purchase and installation of vape sensors in bathrooms.
  • Alexandria Central School District, to help purchase license plate readers to identify vehicles trespassing on school grounds.
  • Lowville Academy and Central School, to help the Student Council purchase bathroom vape detectors.
  • South Jefferson Middle School, to help outfit six middle school bathrooms with vaping sensors.
  • South Jefferson High School, to help outfit six high school bathrooms with vaping sensors.
  • Indian River Middle and High schools, to help the school’s SADD club bring an international speaker to present a talk about addiction, suicide, reckless behavior, and the impact on mental health caused by the pandemic to middle and high school students.
  • Augustinian Academy, Carthage, to help improve building security at entrances and exits, as well as lockdown window shades and radios.
    Copenhagen Central School District, to help bring a speaker to present an anti-bullying program to reinforce positive behavior for students in pre-k through second grade.
  • General Brown Junior/Senior High School, to help create a place to care for students’ social and emotional well-being and learn how to self-regulate during the school day.
  • Indian River CSD, Theresa Primary School, to help staff create a safe, calming space to improve culture and promote a positive social/emotional well-being.

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