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Interview: Cheyenne Steria talks Downtown Revitalization Initiative application process for Lowville

Published on September 07, 2023

Cheyenne Steria Naturally Lewis

LOWVILLE- The application phase for any community preparing to submit their proposals to New York's Downtown Revitalization Initiative involves a lot of community input and feedback.

That's according to Cheyenne Steria. She's the Director of Finance & Incentives for Naturally Lewis. Steria joined our North Country News on Thursday, September 7.

"It's a regional approach. The state awards two per-region, per-year," she told us. "Typically you have to apply a few times before you are awarded."

2023 marks the seventh round of funding from this program. Lowville has applied in previous rounds, but officials hope this time around serves as a golden ticket. 

"If you're just a flat community and you just a million dollars to try to start something, that is not going to bode well," Steria emphasized. 

"They want to see a community that is already snowballing and already has the momentum to move in the right direction."  

Be sure to listen to our latest on-air report with Cheyenne Steria for more of her insight:

Officials are inviting commercial property owners to submit their transformative project proposals that will breathe new life into downtown Lowville. Be sure to visit the Naturally Lewis website for more details

Eligible Project Types:

  • New Development
  • Redevelopment of Existing Buildings
  • Rehabilitation of Existing Buildings
  • Site Improvement

All projects must be submitted by September 15th. Awards are expected to be announced by late December or early January. 

Village officials and partners are reminding residents of a public input day, aimed for Thursday, September 14 at various establishments in Lowville, NY. More details are available by visiting the Naturally Lewis website.

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