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Interview: Mickey Fauvelle talks ceremony to induct second annual Adirondack Sports Hall of Fame Class

Published on September 22, 2023

Adirondack Football Field

BOONVILLE- The second class of Adirondack Sports Hall of Fame nominees will be inducted during a special ceremony Saturday, September 23 during the Homecoming Football game against Syracuse Institute of Technology.

Kick-off time is at 3:00 p.m., with the ceremony aimed for half-time. A list of nominees this-year includes:

Kevin DeGraaf

Jason Gleasman

Tara Hubal

Tom Maurer

Audrey Mihalko

Mike Millich

Domenick Ventiquattro

1974 Adirondack Girls Varsity Soccer Team (Nancy Pruckno, Robin Jenks, Sharon Kopcenski, Mary Lastowski, Sandy Swierczek, Sharon Duell, Zada Rebe, Sharon Gleasman, Marilyn Toleno, Vicki DeRoos, Andrea Kwasnnewski, Jan Egnaczyk, Joan Capron, Theresa Thoden, Linda Stabb, Maureen Brown and Sarah Pfeiffer. Managers Beth Kelly and Diane DeRoos.)

The inaugural class was dedicated last-year, consisting of three inductees: Ray Borden, Phil Fiorenza and the late Reggie Porter.

For a detailed summary of accomplishments pertaining to this-year's second class, listen to our latest on-air coverage with teacher and sports enthusiast, Mickey Fauvelle:

Adirondack Central School image.

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