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Interview: NYS DOT Region Two Public Information Officer Heather Tehan talks preparations for upcoming eclipse

Published on April 02, 2024

Tehan Heather

The public should expect local traffic to be impacted by the upcoming solar eclipse all across the North Country, especially for State Routes 12 & 28, the Oneida County Sheriff's Office warns.

"Please note that these remote locations will have limited fuel locations," the Sheriff's Office said in a released statement.

"Some streets and bridges in other areas of the county may be closed for pedestrian viewing."

According to NYSDOT Region 2 Public Information Officer Heather Tehan, traffic is expected to be heaviest before and especially after the totality. Be sure to listen to our latest on-air coverage from Tuesday, April 2, 2024 for more insight, tips and important information:

NWS Total Eclipse April 8 2024

NWS image.

Even residents who do not plan to watch the eclipse should plan on the following:

- Potential for delayed/disrupted emergency service responses and prolonged response times.
- Potential for stranded motorists.
- Fuel infrastructure may not be able to support an increase in vehicular traffic.
- Gridlocked traffic may increase fuel, food, and water demand depending on duration.
- Cellular networks may be overloaded by high volume.
- Increase in 911 call volume.
- DO NOT PARK or stop in the roadway. If you wish to stop, find a safe location that does not interfere with traffic.
- Plan on staying in the region the night of the event.
- If you can’t stay, fuel/charge up the day before the event.
- Have extra food and water in your vehicle for your trip.
- Have cellphones charged and bring chargers with you.
- Plan on being in traffic for an extended period.
- Plan on viewing the event from designated viewing sites.

NYS DOT Heather Tehan image.

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