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AAA gas price report

Published on April 02, 2024

AAA Fuel Pump

The national average price for a gallon of fuel here in the U.S. was $3.53 Tuesday morning, according to the AAA.

That price is the same as a week ago and nearly identical to this time of year in 2023, but yet more expensive than a month ago when the average was just north of $3.30.

“Uncertainty of the impact of Ukraine’s targeting of Russia’s oil infrastructure likely spiked oil prices recently,” said Andrew Gross, AAA spokesperson.

“But those concerns have abated somewhat for now, and gas prices are settling into a pattern similar to last year when the usual seasonal increase was slow and steady.”

AAA Gas Chart April 2 2024

Currently in New York, drivers are paying a state average price of $3.44, slightly below the national level. It was basically the same last-week and is slightly higher a year-ago now, but also more expensive than last month when state prices averaged $3.32 per-gallon.

As of this report, pump prices here in the North Country region are as low as $3.45 in Lowville, NY and $3.61 in Boonville, NY, all according to GasBuddy.

In the city of Watertown, NY, gas prices seem to have increased over the past few weeks, but several establishments are still offering significantly cheaper prices – as low as $3.39.

Similar trends are being noted in the Syracuse, NY region, with select gas stations offering prices as low as $3.09, with other prices ranging as high as $3.79.

Finally in the Mohawk Valley Region, GasBuddy is reporting fuel prices as low as $3.39 in Rome, NY and $3.24 in Utica.

AAA images.

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