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AAA gas price report for July 9, 2024

Published on July 09, 2024

Gas Pump 2

The national average price for a gallon of fuel here in the U.S. was $3.51 Tuesday, according to the AAA.

That’s about what it was last-year at this time, yet slightly up from a month ago, when it was just shy of $3.45.

As of this report Tuesday, New York’s statewide average rang in at $3.62, which is slightly cheaper than a-year-ago now and nearly identical to last-month.

In Lowville, NY, drivers are filling up for as low as $3.59 (*note: some prices are cash exclusive) and as low as $3.69 in Boonville, NY, according to the latest from GasBuddy.

For comparison, pump prices in Watertown, NY reflect similarly to our local area, with some establishments offering prices as low as $3.43.

Prices down in the Syracuse, NY region appear to be significantly cheaper for the time being, including several pumps offering prices in the $3.30 range.

Drivers filling up in the city of Rome, NY are paying a similar price range when compared to the North Country. The same can be said for the city of Utica, NY, however; most gas prices there seem to range from $3.40 and up.

AAA image.

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