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Emergency responders investigate retail tractor trailer rig wreck just north of Boonville

Published on April 01, 2024

Dollar General Truck Wreck Boonville March 31 2024

BOONVILLE- Crews worked on Easter Sunday to remove a tractor trailer rig that wrecked just outside of Boonville, NY.

Emergency responders were dispatched at around midnight to State Route 12-D for reports of a tractor trailer that had gone off the road.

According to officials from the Boonville Fire Department, a portion of the roadway was shutdown while crews removed the tractor truck from the roadway.

Later on during Easter, Route 12-D was shutdown for a second time to allow another crew to remove the trailer, which was about half-loaded, officials told us.

Boonville Fire Department says the trailer somehow became unhitched while en-route and smashed into the tractor, causing significant damage.

There were two occupants involved with the accident, including the driver and a passenger. The driver signed-off from any further treatment on-scene, while the passenger was transported to a Utica, NY area hospital for evaluation of unspecified injuries.

As of press time, there was no official cause of the accident labeled by emergency responders.

Members from the New York State Police and Shufelt's Towing all assisted.

Image by Chuckie Myers.

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