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Moose Snowmobile Trail Reports for Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Published on March 15, 2023

Barnes Corners SnoPals March 2023

It seems like Mother Nature and Old Man Winter are doing their best to reimburse sledders for lost time on the trails in the wake of a very poor, inconsistent riding season.

Heavy, wet snow is reported all over the region. Expect conditions to vary. Several clubs are reporting some hazards, including water/mud holes and low branches.

Here are the latest updates we’ve gathered:

NOTE: Conditions are likely and do tend to change on a moment’s notice. Be sure to keep checking our website for any updates.

Barnes Corners Sno-Pals: Fresh snow reported; groomers have been out.

Brantingham Snowmobile Club: All trails are groomed and open; there is access to Tug Hill.

Long Pond Sno Sled Club: Some fresh snowfall is reported; trails remain open; groomers have been out.

Lost Trail Snowmobile Club: Groomers have been out; conditions have improved; some hazards reported. 

Missing Link Snowmobile Club: Heavy wet snow; beware of hazards. 

Osceola Snowmobile Association: Expect varying conditions; north trails have better coverage; south trails are thinner.

Ohio Ridge Riders: Groomers were out Sunday from Hinckley towards Poland; watch for hazards. 

Old Forge/Town of Webb: Good conditions overall; 2-inches of new snow and 8-inches of base.

Penn Mountain Snow Riders: Some fresh snow reported; groomers have been out.   

Southern Tug Hill Sno-Riders: Heavy, wet snow; all Constableville Trails are CLOSED; groomers will be moving this week.  

Trackside Blazers: Trails have been in good shape; some thin spots; beware of hazards. 

Turin Ridge Riders: All trails are open; conditions are expected to vary.

Valley Snow Travelers: Groomers moved Tuesday night; watch for hazards. 

NOTICE: Local law enforcement and snowmobile club officials are warning all riders to obey any and all rules and regulations. This includes, but is not limited to: respecting closed trails and staying off from private property. Police warn to never snowmobile while intoxicated or under the influence of any substance. Watch your speeds and remember to look out for and give right-of-way to groomers on the trails.

Image via Barnes Corners SnoPals.

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