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New York releases first Fall Foliage Report for 2023 season

Published on September 13, 2023

New York Foliage 1 2023

ALBANY, NY- This is the first 2023 I LOVE NY Fall Foliage Report for New York State.

Reports are obtained from volunteer field observers and reflect expected color conditions for the coming weekend. Reports are issued every Wednesday afternoon.

New York State’s 2023 fall foliage season is underway, with the first signs of the spectacular seasonal colors to come appearing in several regions, including the Adirondacks.

This is according to the field reports from volunteer observers for the Empire State Development Division of Tourism’s I LOVE NY program.

Check out the latest fall foliage map here.

In the Adirondacks, Franklin County spotters in Saranac Lake are predicting up to 20% leaf change by the weekend, with a muted mix of green and yellow, and some isolated pops of red. Areas along water will have changed slightly more than others.

Spotters in Tupper Lake and Mt. Arab predict up to 20% transition as the cool, crisp evenings, unseasonably warm days, and an abundance of summer rain act as the catalyst for spectacular fall brilliance. Ample summer rains have fueled good tree health, leaf retention and vivid color production.

The bright summer greens are quickly fading to Army green, and emerging colors include burgundy, claret, rhubarb, maize, copper, and bronze with a rosy glow.

In the northern portion of the county, spotters in the Malone area predict a little less than 10% change, with a few muted red and orange leaves appearing over the mostly green landscape.

In Herkimer County, look for up to 20% change in Old Forge. Shades of golden yellow are the most dominant of the emerging colors, with burgundy and some shades of green and dark red.

In Hamilton County, spotters in Lake Pleasant expect up to 15% leaf change with some oranges and reds popping through.

In Lewis County, spotters in Lowville predict less than 10% foliage change, with emerging touches of yellow and orange.

Image via iLoveNY.

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