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Utica Police has “positive identification” for juvenile suspect responsible for allegedly shooting security guard at Proctor Football game

Published on September 11, 2023

Police Lights

UTICA- A 16-year-old juvenile is faced with numerous charges, including attempted murder, following Saturday’s shooting incident during a Proctor High School Football game.

For now, there is no name available, due to his age, according to a statement via Utica City Police.

With that being said, officials are reportedly going to work with the Oneida County DA’s Office with aims of trying the teen as an adult.

As of this report, the teen is officially charged with attempted murder in the second-degree; criminally possessing a weapon in the second-degree; criminally possessing a weapon in the third-degree; criminally possessing a firearm; and criminally using a firearm in the first-degree.

The teen is not enrolled at Proctor High School, but participates in an alternate educational program, police said.

Investigators say the teen allegedly shot a security officer during an altercation in a parking lot Saturday afternoon. The suspect turned himself in Sunday morning.

According to Utica Police, the guard is expected to make a full recovery, but has a difficult road ahead.

“Our thoughts and prayers continue to go out to him and his family,” Utica Police said in a statement.

Crime scene image.

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